Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A Bend in the Road

Fourteen months and one hundred and fourteen posts ago, a bouncing baby Blog came into the world. Named The BTRNC Blogger, its doting mother had high hopes for her creative offspring. With so many stories to share, the Bashful mother couldn't wait to chronicle the heartfelt stories happening all around her.

Stories that would inspire.

Stories that would arouse real emotion and offer an inside look into the world of animal rescue and adoption. And maybe, by sharing her thoughts, the Bashful mother hoped she might motivate readers to reach out a helping hand.

There are so many ways for one person to make a difference in the life of one dog. Rescue. Foster. Adopt. Donate.

The Bashful Boston has nurtured her mindchild into maturity. It's time to step back from her maternal role and encourage new thoughts and stories to make an imprint on this important artistic enterprise.

Today, the Bashful Boston hands over the reigns into two sets of capable hands. The Boston will impart experiences of fostering. She will provide you privileged peeks into the everyday lives of our foster parents and our foster dogs.

The Boastful Boston will reveal what happens when our foster dogs go to their chosen adoptive homes. Will they be the happily ever stories that we all wish for?

Devoted readers, stay tuned. There is so much good to come.

Not so hard to say goodbye with a future so bright,

The Bashful Boston


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