Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sweet, happy-go-lucky guy

Roscoe is the perfect gentleman. He is always dressed impeccably in his black and white BT tuxedo. One of his foster sisters - Sweetie, a saucy,rambunctious two-year old Chihuahua/Boston mix - wears a tuxedo too and he has politely refrained from calling her, "impostor" to her face. He also has an older foster sister, Gracie a 10-12 year-old senior Pug. He is always very sweet with Gracie and will sometimes relax with her on her bed.

In Sweetie, however, he has found a perfect playmate. He and Sweetie like to explore and play in the backyard. Their foster mom says that sometimes she barely catches a glimpse of two black and white streaks as Roscoe chases after Sweetie. They also share their toys and like to play tug of war until Roscoe allows Sweetie to win and lets her have the toy with the understanding that he is going to tear after her around the house. Roscoe also enjoys a good game of fetch and sometimes when he gets to the ball first, he doesn't bring it directly back. He likes to parade around in front of Sweetie with his "catch." Sometimes Sweetie is bossy and will snarl at Roscoe when he tries to get a bone, but he doesn't ever seem to mind. He just goes in to his Boston Terrier play stance and jumps at her. Roscoe loves to go for walks and goes bonkers, jumping up and down when the leash is brought out. He walks well on a leash. A perfect gentleman.

He is a quick learner. He arrived at his new home unfamiliar with stairs. He made it down the flight of stairs leading to the yard, but when he was ready to come up, he walked up four stairs and then jumped through the steps to the ground below. His foster mom guided him up the stairs several times while he was on a lead and he quickly learned to keep going up. His only bad habit, he learned from his older sis. Gracie wakes up between 5:30am and 6:00am and starts keening and whining. Roscoe thinks it is great fun to get in on the action and help wake up his family with little barks and howling.

Don't you need a little "waking up" asks The Boston? Visit our available dogs page to learn more about Roscoe. If you are unable to adopt him, consider being a sponsor.

The Boston

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