Sunday, January 28, 2007

Nellie's Road to Recovery

The volunteer who pulled Nellie from a SC shelter was delighted to see a dog in such high spirits. She was appalled to see that Nellie was a filthy, stinky, bloody mess. Nellie was nearly bald as a result of demodectic mange and had months worth of sticky grime matted in her skin. Recent wounds on her head and chin were beginning to scab but still ooozing blood. She was so excited that someone was there to see HER that she slipped into a coughing fit. The shelter staff explained that although she was still in terrible shape it was much improved from the hairless pink dog they had picked up as a stray weeks ago.

Nellie was promptly taken to the vet. Although the demodectic mange was clearing thanks to the treatment she received at the shelter, she has a raging staph infection that is hindering the growth of her fur and causing her skin to flake. The apparent bite wounds on Nellie's head were cleaned and are healing nicely. The hacking cough was diagnosed as kennel cough. Nellie also has a nasty case of tapeworm and a few fleas milling about.

Nellie's poor health is apparently news to her as she continues to jump for joy at the sight of every person who approaches. Nellie dances, Nellie wiggles and Nellie licks every face within reach. Clearly, Nellie is not a dog who wallows in self-pity wondering why she is besieged with so many problems.

Nellie will remain in foster care for several weeks until she is ready to be adopted. In the meantime, please visit Our Available Dogs page and consider sponsoring Nellie. Your donation will allow BTRNC to continue to provide veterinary care for neglected and abused dogs just like Nellie.


At 2:58 AM, Anonymous Tina, John, Kyle, JJ, Cindy, and Spike said...

Nellie, You are a beautiful gal! Wishing you much love and good health.

At 12:04 AM, Blogger Linda said...

Oh Nellie, you are such a cutie! I wish you a good home and a very quick recovery from your health problems.

At 11:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

She is a beautiful little girl with a zest for life. My kind of pup!
Here's blessings coming your way that you continue to heal quickly and find a forever home!
-Ally Roscoe


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