Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Next Generation of Volunteers

The future of BTRNC looks bright. When we have the children of our volunteers pitching in to aid in our mission, we know that when the torch is someday passed from one generation to the next, it will burn steady and bright.

Seventeen year old Brittany is the daughter of one of volunteers in Greenville, NC. In December 2005, Brittany and her mother traveled to Raleigh to pick up a puppy that was being surrendered by it's owners. The puppy had a protruding rectum and had no control over her bowel movements. The puppy's name is Kimber and she has never been mentioned on our website. Brittany fell in love with her while fostering and, with the help of her family, adopted her as her own.

Brittany tells of her experiences fostering and adopting Kimber. "At first when she got here it was really hard. She would walk around the house always squatting like she had to go to the bathroom. This was very hard for me to get used to and accomodate her for. I had to walk around behind her and pick up and clean up every little mess that she made. But after all this I still allowed her to sleep in my bed with me because I could not stand to make her sleep in her kennel. The first couple of nights I tried putting "prissy pants" on her but all that did was irrate her. I just got used to waking up in the morning and having to check my bed before I moved and then go and take a shower to come clean. Every morning I had to wash my bed for the next night. She then had her major surgery to correct the problem. This surgery that she had did indeed fix the problem but not instantly. It was a couple of weeks after her surgery that we saw any improvement.

Now she does still squat around the house but only if she is not taken out when she asks.
Kimber is a very sweet girl who has very good manners. I take a lot of effort in teaching her new tricks and how to listen. I am very glad that I took the challenge of becoming her mom and knowing that she could get better."

Well said, young Brittany. You have already learned the ropes of rescue.

Your compassion and ability to love all creatures will fare you well in life admires
The Bashful Boston


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