Monday, January 22, 2007

Look to the Past

Today we visit the truth behind the old adage that the best way to foretell the future is to look to the past.

Our future is Demi. Our past is Popeye. The story unfolds.

Here is Popeye approximately 2 years ago. This picture was taken at the shelter. His skin was raw from relentless itching. Demodectic mange had ravaged his system and left him nearly bald and mostly pink. A sight for sore eyes.

Relief came not long after this picture was taken. BTRNC volunteer Pamela swept in and took control of Popeye's recovery. Pamela managed Popeye's vet care and provided him a soft place to lay his head each night. Six months and $800 later, a beautiful brindle coat emerged.

Popeye was adopted by his foster mom and made a full recovery. We share a picture of Popeye today.

Today, in foster care lives a sprite 9lb girl who bears an uncanny yet sad resemblance to a squirrel. Her classic black and white markings have been overwhelmed by a terrible case of demodectic mange. There is hope for Demi. With dips and powerful drugs, the mites will die off one by one and Demi's urge to itch will cease. Fur will grow slowly and Demi will marvel at her lavish new coat.

We know there are many dogs out there, many in worse shape. Without hesitation, we will continue to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome them.

Should your light ever threaten to burn out, stop by and take another look at this photo of Demi at her worst. Just a few weeks ago, she was alone in this world. Bald, shivering and without a friend. Today, she embarks on the road to recovery with her foster family behind her every step of the way. Should your faith in our mission falter, think of Demi and imagine the adorable black and white face that will, in due time, emerge confident and smiling.

So, take a few well-deserved deep breaths, savor a cup of hot tea, engage your dog in a game of tug, pull up your socks and get back to work!
That's what Demi would do!
And so would your resolute
Bashful Boston


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