Thursday, January 25, 2007

Lou, Start to Finish

Bleu, better known as Lou, is an 11-month-old boisterous Boston boy. He was surrendered to BTRNC by his owners and was placed with a first time foster family. We post this blog with two intentions. We want to share Lou with you- his likes, his dislikes, his quirks- all that makes him unique. We also want to share with you the experiences of Lou's foster mom. Because this is her maiden voyage into fostering, we feel it is important to reveal this behind the scenes peek. For those of you who have considering fostering yourself, read this BLOG and carefully examine the ups and the downs as you see them. But most importantly, consider the integral role you could play in finding a forlorn dog his forever home.

We will allow Lou's foster mom to tell her story.

"The scared puppy that came to us has left, and instead we have an inquisitve, tender hearted youngster. Lou has one of the most expressive faces I have ever seen on a Boston. He is very smart, he learned "sit" and "shake" and is still working on the "wait" command. Which is really important for him to learn, since he darts out of doors...

He loves to go for rides in the car and hikes in the Arboretum. He adores play time in the yard with his sisters and his brothers. Lou is also no longer afraid of the neighbor's dog, the laminate floor, the couch or being approached to be petted. He is very sensitive and a total snuggle bunny, but has all the puppy attributes. He loves to steal socks and shoes and sometimes gets a bit mouthy when he plays. I would not change a thing about him. At first I thought he could not bark, because he jabbers like a monkey when he is upset, but since then he has found his bark and it is quite manly. I really, really love this little guy.

He fit into the family from the beginning and once he understood that from now on he has a daily routine, he settled in even better.

He is my first foster and I could not have asked for a better dog. I will for sure be crying when he leaves, but I know that this stay with us has helped him to find his loving forever home."

On that note, we share the promising news that Lou will meet his adoptive parents this weekend.
Lou, from your new parents, we hope to hear that you are running the BT500 every chance you get, that you are snooping through their shopping bags looking for your Nylabones and that you welcome them home with adoring eyes and a sloppy tongue. Sounds like potential for a happy ending says
The Bashful Boston


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