Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Before Calista Flockhart was on Brothers and Sisters, she was the lead star on a show called Alley McBeal - about 8 years ago I believe. One of her co-stars was Laura Flynn Boyle and she is very tiny and so is Calista Flockhart. They didn't get along on the show and a classic line was the two of them right outside an elevator. Calista as Alley McBeal snidely suggested to Laura Flynn Boyle whose show name I can't remember and am quite proud that I remember her real name suggested they could split one!

When Oreo came into rescue he needed to eat quite a few cookie - how convenient that his name was that of a cookie!

If you have seen him on our web site with all his ribs showing and passed right by, you may want to take another look! Just look at him now.

Yup, that's Oreo on the right playing with Josey!

He is with our volunteer extraordinaire who has been mentioned in many previous blogs - most famously she fostered or Adam.

In Elaine's care, Oreo has covered all his ribs with flesh and is now a healthy shiny handsome boston boy! It doesn't take a miracle, just consistent care and a regular feeding schedule plus a little magic courtesy of Elaine.

Oreo did not really eat any cookies for which he was named - that would not be good for any tummy and certainly not for one which had been so empty for so long. A good dog food with some extra vitamins added in was the ticket for this precious boy! He is playing now and having a big time. Oreo has lots of playmates because our claim to fame - Elaine always has a house full of fosters from puppy to senior plus her own forever babies. Oreo is having a blast.

It is a tragedy to starve any animal. They ask for so little from us humans. Surely, we can make sure they have a full food bowl once or twice a day! The return on our investment cannot begin to be measured.

Please give Oreo a second look - he's come a long way and he is ready to find his forever home.


At 8:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What an amazing start to a recovery! Thanks to the foster parents...a job well taken.

At 7:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Elaine, you have done a remarkable job with Oreo! He is such a pretty and sweet boy. My family enjoyed meeting him and look forward to seeing him again soon. You are also an incredible woman and should be sang praises for what you do for these Boston's. ~Heather Carr, Indian Trail, NC


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