Sunday, April 25, 2010


Young Mr. Stewie was quite put out to read the recent blog about Roamer. So the Boastful Boston thinks that Roamer is "squeeze that little face cute ah?" Well, I've got news for her and Roamer - there is another kid in town who begs to differ!

The Boastful Boston is pleased therefore to offer Stewie his chance in the spotlight. So readers, which one do you think is the cutest? A tie is perfectly acceptable as I think they are both extremely handsome young men.
Stewie's foster Mom reports that he plays hard, sleeps hard, and loves to spend time out of his crate. Understandable since Stewie spent long hours daily in a crate before joining us at BTRNC. Stewie's favorite snack is apple, orange, and banana slices. One point for healthy eating Mr.Stewie!

Stewie is very happy to dine in the proximity of his canine foster family, knowing that there is enough to go around. He loves his walks but is still learning not to pull in his excitement to get to where he hasn't gotten to yet! Minus 1/2 point for pulling your foster Mom on the leash Mr. Stewie!

Stewie is high energy and he will certainly provide motivation for his people to exercise as well. It is too hard to look into those eyes and not get up, find your shoes, and head out the door. The benefit is for both of you!

This handsome young man is interviewing for a forever home. He seeks a family who will walk, play, rock, snuggle, and maybe allow him to share the covers with them at night. If you think you meet Stewie's wish list, please fill out an application and let us know!

Stewie thanks you and thanks the Boastful Boston for giving him equal time!


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