Wednesday, April 21, 2010


If dogs cared at all what they looked like or for that matter what their people look like, Roamer would be asking the title question. Now mind you, ALL Bostons are beautiful and unique, and this little boy is just squeeze em up, kiss em, smush that precious face cute!
Roamer was purchased with the best of intentions by a truck driver who wanted a buddy to sit with him in the truck and keep him company. He soon realized, however, that Roamer had way too much energy to sit anywhere for long, let alone in a big truck. Although there are no doubt stories to be found in which Bostons and truck drivers travel the Nation's highways together in bliss, most young Bostons have a way too high energy drive to sit still for any period of time. They need exercise, socialization and lots of play time.

His truck driver Dad knew that Roamer wasn't happy, and as so often happens, Mom stepped up to care for Roamer at her home. Mom did not intend to have a grand dog but she wanted to help Roamer and her two legged son.

Mom works long hours and soon it became apparent that Roamer was no happier being left home alone for long periods of time than he was in the truck. So, they did the right thing for Roamer - an unselfish act to give him a chance at a new forever home with no trucks and lots of time and attention. Sometimes the hardest decisions to make are the ones that are best for those who matters most.

Roamer is settled in nicely in his foster home, soaking up all the attention he can get and Roamer loves attention! He's a very happy excited little guy who would like to go home forever with someone just as excited to share their life with him!

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