Sunday, November 19, 2006

The BTRNC Calendar

If you've visited our website lately you are aware that our 2007 Calendar is now on sale through CafePress. The calendar features 13 magnificent photos of rescued Bostons- some funny, some poignant and some just plain adorable. The fact is, we received so many beautiful photos that it was hard to choose just 13. Today, we pay homage to a few of the photos that didn't make the cut but are still worthy of an audience!

First, we have Edgar, adopted in November 2005 by Janet and Greg. Edgar now lives in the beautiful city of Charleston, SC.

Here we have a portrait of Popeye by artist Patti Meador. Popeye is owned and loved by BTRNC volunteer, Pamela.

Tootsie's face has appeared many times in the BTRNC Blog. She was adopted in March 2006 and lives in Georgia with BTRNC volunteer, Michelle.

Here is a very silly picture of Barney, adopted in March 2005 by BTRNC volunteers Nolene and Brad.

And last but not least is Barney's sister Chelsea. Chelsea was adopted in September 2004. We can't resist a good tongue picture.


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