Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Life of a Gypsy

In Spring of 2005, BTRNC was notified of a Boston in Georgia that was part of a criminal neglect case. The dog had been removed from the owner's custody but was in such poor physical shape, the local rescues were unable to adopt her out and worried that it may be too late for the veterinary care that this dog so desperately needed. BTRNC was contacted and agreed to take the dog into foster care. Gypsy arrived with the worst case of demodex mange we had ever seen. Not a strand of fur on her body remained and her skin was sore and inflamed from her relentless itching.

Gypsy was taken to a vet immediately. The vet took a good look at the skinny, bald dog and recommended that Gypsy be euthanized; her immune system was so weak, he was afraid the demodex would never be cured. But how could we look into those sweet brown eyes and not give her a chance? We couldn't. Gypsy began a regime of immune boosters interspersed with treatments for her mange. Soon, Gypsy stopped itching. Not long after, Gypsy's hair began to grow. Bald patches became few and far between while the true Boston Terrier markings began to appear.

In a matter of months, Gypsy was well enough to be adopted. Adoption day was bittersweet for her loving foster mom who had nursed Gypsy back from the brink. Gypsy moved to her new home where she remained for nearly a year. When her demodex flared up and her treatment regime had to be resumed, the family decided Gypsy's health problems were more than they could handle. Gypsy headed back to her first foster home where she was welcomed with open arms. Her treatments resumed and Gypsy again began the search for a new family.

A couple in Myrtle Beach who had recently lost their elderly Boston Terrier saw Gypsy's face on the website and knew she was the dog they were looking for. Gypsy traveled to her new home last week to meet 2 very excited parents and 1 anxious Chihuahua brother. Just one day in her new home, we receive a note from Gypsy's family:

"Although it has only been a day, she has captured our hearts and is a bonified member of the family. She is so good and so loving and sweet, she is our little angel from heaven and we are so happy we found each other.

When one looses a pet, it is like loosing a family member and no matter what, no one or nothing can ever replace them. But, we firmly believe Gypsy will come as close as doggy possible."

No one knows what Gypsy's future health holds. Will she be plagued with bouts of demodex mange for the rest of her life or will she never itch again? We do know she will be loved.

We are so fortunate to have foster homes willing to take on dogs with troublesome health issues. We are as fortunate to have adoptive families willing to love them.


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