Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Chance's Weekend Rendez-Vous?

The Bashful Boston has a crush on one very handsome, very dignified man. She had the pleasure of his acquaintance at a stop during his weekend travels. Strong and debonair, he is hard to resist. They call him Chance. The Bashful Boston calls him a dreamboat.

Muscular and athletic with a gorgeous brindle coat, Chance is the kind of eye candy most girls only dream of.

The problem. There is another woman in Chance's life. A woman by the name of Laura. They say Laura is Chance's foster mom and the relationship is benign but the Bashful Boston isn't so sure.

Take a look at these pictures of this Chance and Laura duo. What do you think? Should the Bashful Boston step up her game to win Chance's heart? Is Laura competition?


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