Friday, November 24, 2006

A Baxter Update

In late September 2006, a dog wrought with anxiety and fear arrived in foster care. Too timid to interact with his foster siblings, too scared to approach his foster mom, too fearful to accept food, Baxter spent his first days in foster care hiding behind furniture- shaking when his well-meaning foster mom approached. This picture was taken on Day 1 in foster care. It has never been shared; it is downright heartbreaking to look into his eyes and see so much pain. What trauma must Baxter have suffered in his prior life to reach this state we dare not imagine.

Baxter made progress in baby steps in his foster home. He emerged from behind the couch. He ate his food. He began to play. His trust was still broken, but it was not beyond repair. Baxter's foster mom saw potential for a bright future.

Two months after this first photo was taken, we receive an update from Baxter's adoptive family. His family accepted Baxter knowing he needed special care. A little more space, a little more patience and a lot more love than your average dog. Today, Baxter has made himself a home.

The part of Baxter's heart that allows him to trust will never be whole and new again. But, day by day, Baxter's new family is doing all they can to repair it. There are inklings of a proud BT buried deep inside Baxter's tender heart. Some day Baxter will stand tall, he will hold himself with confidence, he will know no fear.


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