Thursday, September 06, 2007


Contributed by Santino's Forever Mom and proudly published by The Boastful Boston

Santino came to us as our 3rd foster. Unlike the first two, he is an older dog, around 5 years old, in a new environment, he was confused. It took him a long time to understand that this was where he supposed to be, a home with a routine and rules. Once he caught on to the home idea, however, he skipped the foster part, and had no intention of going anywhere. It took a bit longer for us to understand this. But then, once day we looked at him and he looked at us, and it became clear he was not going to leave. We now have a happy and balanced pack with room for future fosters.
Santino had to learn certain things and is still learning new ones. He now plays wonderfully in the yard and brings his toy back every time...he is learning to actually catch a Frisbee from the air, too. He is beginning to enjoy the long hikes in the arboretum and is also laying down in the kiddie pool with the other dogs, although he will avoid the creek at all cost.

He does not however, like to get up in the morning.

He loves to ride in the car in is happiest when he is right in the middle of his pack.

Santino is still working through some separation anxiety, but he is well worth effort to help him through it. I know the little man will conquer his fears.

In all other respects we could not have asked for a better addition to our household, we love him dearly and have not once been sorry that we made the decision to make this his forever home....

Hi four legged family agrees!


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