Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Many Seasons of Pauley

Pauley arrived in foster care over a year ago. He is about to begin his 5th season with his current foster family an
d is ready to have a home of his own.

Pauley is a high energy dog who loves to play. He tries to play with his foster brother Truman, who is unfortunately not interested. Luckily, family friends have a dog, Ernie and they have become great friends and playmates.

Pauley is good with children. He currently lives with a little girl and likes to be around her. Always up for a challenge, he taught himself to climb up the stairs on her outdoor playset. This way he is close to her when she is playing. He has also designated himself the bath-time monitor. He stands guard when his sister is in the tub.

Pauley has bonded with his foster mom. They have "date" night once a week when Pauley gets his mom's undivided attention. Dad is off with friends and little sis and Truman are spending the night with their grandparents. "What fun!" Pauley thinks as he leaps on to his foster mom's lap.

Pauley likes to go for walks and loves treats. He knows where they are kept and will sometimes stand near the pantry door insisting he get one. He also likes car rides, but since he slobbers all over the car during the ride, he doesn't get to go on many.

Pauley has had some health issues, but since seeing a holistic vet, he is doing really well. Won't you take a chance on Pauley? To find out more, visit the available dogs page. Not able to give Pauley a home? Then consider becoming his sponsor. We are heading into the next season, Pauley would love to be in his new home before the season ends.

The Boston


At 11:53 AM, Blogger SudburyGirl said...


You are the cutest little Boston!! I hope you find another high energy canine friend to play with very soon!

Best wishes for a forever family in this new season for you Pauly Boy.

Cheers - Sam Uhl

At 11:46 PM, Anonymous Tina with JJ, Cindy and Spike said...

U seem 2 have a great foster home, Pauley! Good Luck in finding your forever home!

At 2:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey handsom boy! My hubby and I are really interested in you. We dont know much about what your health problems entail, but hopefuly they arnt horribly expensive and if they people who work this program think you would like us then you might be able to come stay with us. Im not promising anything but we are keeping our fingers crossed. Right now it looks like you have an Awsome foster family who love you very much! Make sure and thank them for all they do! -Catie and Shea

At 6:42 PM, Anonymous Tina with JJ, Cindy and Spike said...

Pauley, You will be missed!

At 6:50 PM, Anonymous chicky said...

WE love you and will never forget you!!!


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