Friday, September 07, 2007

Snuggle Pup
He was found wandering the streets of Augusta, Georgia. It seemed that he had been lost for a while. He was a very sick pup, down on his luck. He arrived at his foster home with some of his teeth worn away, dry and yellowed fur and it looked like his eye had been bitten at some point. He also had heartworms. He is currently being treated for his heartworms AND receiving lots of love and attention. He now has a gleam in his eye, a spring in his step, and a smile on his face. His foster mom says that she will often see him sitting down, looking around and taking it all in. Then a smile will spread across his face, so thankful that he is off the streets.

Auggie is a huge SNUGGLE PUP. He likes to make a nest out of his blankies and then push his bed as close to his mom as possible and cuddle. He is very well behaved, never complains when his foster fur sister takes his toys right from his paws, walks well on a leash and tolerates being crated. He loves being outside. He will drop down on his back and squiggle around feeling the wind blow across his ears and the grass on his back. He is a little aggressive towards larger dogs when he is
on his leash. He will bark and growl at them. Maybe his behavior towards big dogs is a window to his past. Who knows what he went through while he was out on the streets.

Auggie does mark, but hopefully once he has been successfully treated for heartworms and neutered, that behavior will stop. His foster mom says, "his smile warms you from head to toe and he is the perfect companion dog who needs very li
ttle upkeep."
Won't you consider giving Auggie a home? Please visit the available dogs page. If you can't keep Auggie forever, then please consider being a sponsor.

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