Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Mindy

Mindy is a 10 year old lady adopted by her foster mom last year when her mom realized what a gem she had uncovered in this forlorn dog. Mindy is patient and demure, as all ladies of a certain age should be. When she is not posing for pictures, she has a nice life filled w/ naps on comfy cushions, sunbaths, bones to chew, play dates, walks and lots of pats.

She is posing in a handsewn holiday skirt and her traditional Santa hat. You look beautiful, Mindy!

This is an opportune moment to remind our guests that senior dogs are overlooked time and time again in favor of younger pups with more energy and less gray. But, as those who have adopted senior dogs will proudly announce, senior dogs can make perfect pets too! Mindy is just one shining example of an older dog finding her perfect forever home.

Consider adopting a senior dog. They may have only a few years to a few months left to bring you joy, but they are as deserving of a warm and loving home to lay their heads each night. Take a look at Buddy, Lily, Ebby & Scout and Pauley on our Available Dogs Page.


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