Sunday, December 10, 2006

Ready for a Cold Winter

A few of our crafty volunteers decided to go into business making winter coats for our shivering furry friends. A task that nearly overwhelmed them because so many Bostons wanted a coat of their own! Fortunately, moms and grandmoms of volunteers stepped up to sew, sew, SEW until everyone had a coat of their own! And, that's just what happened. Bostons all over the state of North Carolina are warm and snug swathed in fleece this wintry season.

Our first model is Kimber wearing a cow pattern fleece coat with a classic brown buckle. Kimber was adopted in 2006 by the Roy family. Kimber sends a big hug to Jen for her work making this special coat.

Next is Bugsi showing off his reindeer pattern fleece jacket. Bugsi is currently in foster care waiting for an adoptive family to bring him home! He sends Jen a wet kiss for restoring the Christmas spirit deep in his heart.

Next are models Molly and William. Molly is wearing a darling little yellow coat made also made by Jen. Molly was adopted by the Burgess family in 2004. Pictured next to Molly is William sporting a red fleece coat with bone embroidery made by Natalia. William is currently in foster care receiving necessary medical attention.

To the volunteers who painstakingly sewed each and every coat with a special dog in mind, a sincere thank you. Dozens of dogs can now frolic in the chilly weather, cozy to the core.


At 11:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

how can i get one? i would love one for my boston. he gets so cold!!!

your organization could raise a lot of money making these. most of the sweaters i see in the stores are entirely too difficult to put onto a squirmy boston!

Maggie in Columbia, SC


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