Thursday, October 13, 2011


So many times in rescue, we hear owners say announce that they are having a baby so "of course we have to get rid of the dog!" Or, "we just don't have time for the dog any more now that we have a baby." Or, the dogs had to be moved outside, after all we have a baby in the house now," or my personal favorite, "the toddler crawled up to the dog while he was sleeping and pulled his lips out really far and the dog snapped at her, so he has to go immediately!"


It is therefore my great pleasure to share the story of Alisa Smith, her husband and baby Luke.

The Smiths have welcomed 2 rescued bostons into their lives to join their family of 1 resident boston. They have Max, Charotte and Gracie. One month ago, Luke entered the world and joined this family.

Unlike the comments and thoughts above, Alisa wanted to make sure she did everything to make the dogs feel secure during the pregnancy, the birth and beyond. She allowed the dogs in the nursery when it was done. She brought a blanket home from the hospital with Luke's scent on it. When she came home from the hospital, she came in the house first to greet the dogs without the baby. Charlotte was so thrilled to understand that the nursery that she had been afraid to enter was for a new human being for her to love, her stress vanished.

Charlotte and Gracie stand vigil while Luke is awake, keeping Mom company while she feeds him. They sleep when Luke is asleep, understanding the enormous responsibility to always keep baby safe. And perhaps most amazing of all, they never bother any of Luke's toys. These are dogs that live to tear up a stuffie or other toy, yet somehow they understand that they belong to someone too young to protect his own stuff so they do it for him.

This is mostly a story about the result that can happen when instead of dismissing our four legged family members as no longer useful baggage when we are blessed with adding a human life, we make some effort to make everyone feel included and still important.

Little Gracie has the hardest time sharing attention. Therefore, Alisa find a way for both to be included.

Charlotte is the Nanny so she is allowed to keep closest vigil over Luke.

Congratulations on the birth of Luke and to Alisa for knowing that there is room for everyone - four legged and two.


At 3:29 PM, Blogger Heather Benfield said...

Congrats to the entire Smith family! You guys are all amazing! I had the pleasure of fostering Charlotte and I'm so glad she has adjusted well to baby Luke. :)
Max and Gracie are also great little bundles of joy!

At 2:27 PM, Blogger Mary said...

I am so happy that they were able to include the dogs with their joyful arrival. They did it right!


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