Saturday, January 30, 2010

Will You Play With Me?

Juliet is very glad to be in her foster home but she has some difficulty getting the older dogs to play with her. The boys, as foster mom calls them, get cranky when continuously annoyed by this young lady who wants to play play play! Sometimes, the cranky boys have to put Juliet in her place with a snap or growl. Juliet tries to remember what annoys her brother so much, and tries not to do it again, but sometimes she gets so excited she forgets!

When no one will play with Juliet, she is forced to entertain herself with self created activities like carrying the laundry from the laundry basket to some other place in the house, one piece at a time. Sometimes she has to find other things to chew on beside the ears of her brothers like combs, pencils and just about anything she can hold between her front paws. Juliet would much rather play ball or fetch with a human or canine companion, but geeze, what's a girl to do when no one will play!

Juliet would love to find a forever home with a young or less cranky dog or two and maybe a child who won't tire of playing quite so fast.

Maybe you would like to play with Juliet? She is on our available dogs page - please check her out. She is waiting to play!


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