Sunday, January 10, 2010

Can It Be Roscoe's Turn Now?
Suki and Roscoe were my transport passengers in early December. I am thrilled to let you know that Suki has been adopted and is now in her forever home! I mentioned Roscoe at the very end of her blog. Now it is Roscoe's turn for the spotlight and hopefully his turn to find his very own forever home.
We like to think that under NO circumstances would we ever give up one of our dogs and we pray that we are right. The truth however is that any one's entire world can turn upside down in a flash. Job loss, medical conditions, a death in the family, fire, hurricane, flood, etc. All these and so many more life events can land any of us either temporarily or for longer periods of time, unable to care for our pets. Blessed are those of us who have a support system of family, friends, and fellow rescuers who will come to our rescue. Not everyone is that lucky.

Roscoe is a 6 year old wonderful boston boy who I had the pleasure of transporting on his way to his foster home. I stood silently by while his owner who had to move and could no longer give Roscoe the care he deserved said good bye. There was no question that Roscoe was loved and that his Mom knew she was doing the very best thing she could for him by turning him into rescue. She knew at BTRNC, he would be safe in a home until a forever family could be found.

Roscoe was such a good boy in my car. He looked up once as he realized that my car was leaving without his Mom but then settled down in his crate on a familiar blanket. He seemed to understand that this he was off to a new adventure and that this was one he had to make without his original family.

Roscoe is good boy, nice manners, housebroken and plays well with others. He knows that he is not where he is supposed to be forever, and he would like to find his home so he can settle in for the many years he has left to share.

Roscoe was on Santa Paws list. Here he is with his toy both before and after he destuffed it. Most bostons are destuffers. He is having a good time and that's all that matters.

Please check out Roscoe's bio on our available dogs page. Maybe it could be Roscoe's turn now!


At 4:48 PM, Anonymous Stacie said...

I was Roscoe's previous mommy and I still think of him every day, checking a few times per week to see if my guy has been taken to that new, special, forever home. I had made myself sick knowing that I would be losing one of the best 4 legged friends I had ever had! I'm so glad that he is safe with btrnc, but I would feel so much better if he were where he will belong for the rest of his life! He was always such a loving dog, beautiful and so much fun! I hope and pray that someone will soon claim him for their own, he would make the best companion you could hope for! To Roscoe: May you be happy, healthy and safe now and for the rest of your life!

At 6:31 PM, Blogger Melissa said...

Dear Stacie,
My two girls and I are looking at adopting a BT. I had one and when the babies came along had to give him to my aunt. He is in a wonderful home and is the BABY.

I was looking at your Roscoe and he is very similar to our previous pet. I live in the country with a lot of land and have family as neighbors. WE are looking for a new "baby" I need someone to love on me and keep the bed warm at night.
Thank you for sending your Roscoe to a place where he has the options to find a new loving family. I hope I hear from the Rescue soon and that we get to see your baby!
Take good care and relax, I am sure there are lots of families out there looking for pets that do not require the training a puppy requires. And we sure would love a dog as a final addition to our family. Wish us luck and God Bless.


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