Monday, July 06, 2009


Some rescues do not allow or strongly discourage foster families to adopt their foster rescues. BTRNC knows that each time a foster family adopts a rescue that we may lose space for another foster but we also are also happy to know that a dog and a family that fit just right found their way to each other.

Such was the case with a veteran foster mother who swore that she would not own another one but would instead keep her home open for fosters in need of a place to be warm and safe until their forver home is found.

One cold January day she was transporting Weylan who got in her car, looked her in the eye and sealed his future.

She and Weylan arrived home and after 5 hours she knew he could not leave. The oldest foster took him under her wing and took care of him; the aggressive one played with him like they grew up together; the quiet one fell instantly in love and the loner plays with him and the one who doesn't like other dogs also took to mothering him. He acted like he had been there forever. The last time she failed fostering was when she adopted one out twice and he was returned twice. That was Mr. Gus who made it clear he was not going to be happy anywhere else!

Oprah talks about the Ah Ha moment with her pets, and this was truly that kinda of moment when Weylan decided he was right where he needed to be.

Yes, we sometimes run short on foster space, but we also know a good thing when it happens. Weylan is no dummy - he seized the day and made a home! Good for you Weylan!


At 9:33 PM, Blogger Claire said...

Elaine I can totally understand why you fell in love with that darling little face!!! I must thank you for the very important part that you played bringing our Pork Chop (aka Parker) into our lives--thank you! Spikey and Ozzie also send their love!


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