Saturday, July 18, 2009


Spanky was in foster care for a year. A long time for an adorable little fellow who happened to be deaf. He was fortunate to be with a foster family who adored him and met his every need and whim. Still, they knew that Spanky deserved a home of his own, a forever home, not a foster home. Sure, they could have adopted him and made their home his, but they believed that Spanky's forever home was out there waiting. It was their job to love him until that home was found, then let him go leaving room for another dog in need.
Almost a year later, a family put in an application for Spanky, not caring that he was deaf. They wanted, however to adopt two at once. BTRNC was happy to assist them find just the right companion for Spanky. It was crucial that they got along before being moved to avoid the possibility of being moved again.
It seemed that young Tinker Bell (Tinker for short) might just be a match for Spanky. We allowed them to spend a week together before the adoption to see if Spanky wanted Tinker as a sister. It appears he did.....


Their forever Mom writes that they are doing great. Spanky is learning sign commands while Tinker is quickly learning the verbal variety. They play tug of war and Mom is working on boundaries and Spanky is showing Tinker the proper way to walk on a leash. That is, not trying to pull Mom down the sidewalk.

What a wonderful ending to a long story for Spanky and a short pass through rescue for Miss Tinker.

BTRNC is very thankful to Spanky's foster Mom for being patient and knowing that Spanky's story would have a forever ending and to the family who found them both!


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beautiful story and pair!! That is just neat


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