Monday, September 01, 2008


You can find jewelry, art work and key rings on The Pet Rescue Site that bear the slogan "my dog rescued me". Sometimes it is difficult to be sure who rescued who when a perfect match is made between foster dog and forever family. Does it really matter? Rescue dogs are notorious for giving back 10 fold to the families that gave them a home.
Meet Wendy (formerly Midge - adopted March 2008)

Wendy was pulled from a shelter heart worm positive, with tape worms, a respiratory infection and emaciated at only 9 pounds. Here she is the day she was rescued from the shelter.

Amazing what love and good care can do isn't it?
Wendy's Mom let us know that she had adopted a dachshund, Kenny, from their local shelter some years back and for 9 years, she and Kenny were inseparable. The void that was left behind when it was time for Kenny to cross the bridge was painful and deep. Although the family had added 2 other dogs who are treasured members of the household, it seemed that the bond between Mom and Kenny had been a once in a lifetime experience.

Wendy's new family decided to adopt a rescue boston as a playmate for their other boston girl, Carrie. They were matched with Wendy, now healthy and strong. Wendy's new Mom recently wrote to share her story about Kenny and to say that although Kenny could never be replaced, she was lucky enough to once again have that special bond with another fur baby. Wendy is forever at her side or in her lap and both have been rescued, each in their own way.
As for Carrie... well Wendy decided that when she can't be with Mom, she prefers the company of the other canine member of the family:

Looks like everyone has been rescued in this wonderful family.


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