Saturday, March 29, 2008


Dogs come into rescue and foster care into a loving temporary home. Some have already had homes and families. For some, foster care is the first real home they ever had. Some people worry that it is unkind to move dogs from a foster home to a forever home since it is one more adjustment. To all of you who have considered adopting one of our foster babies and who have wondered about this concept, the Boastful Boston wants you to know that dogs understand more than we can imagine.

At the end of the adoption process, when a successful match is made, the interaction between the new family and the newest addition quickly communicates to the fur baby that they are home for good. They do not forget their foster family or others in rescue who have helped them along their way, but when a dog is home for good, they somehow understand that their journey is over.

I could highlight an number of adopted dogs to prove this point, but for today, I choose Yoda. Seen at the top of this entry surveying his new home from the comfort of the sofa, he seems to be taking everything in. Yoda now has a sister Emma and his new 2 legged brother has just enough room to hold them both when they have had enough of the cold snow!

Yoda apparently enjoys a hammock pose as well.

And looking at the final picture.... do you doubt that he knows he his home at last? Sleep well Yoda, you deserve a rest!


At 10:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ten years ago my life fell apart. A divorce.bad health and when my marriage fell apart so did the relationship with my step daughter and grandson.Enter into my life a 8 week old Boston whom I named Hooch.He has lived up to his name and he has saved my life. today another Boston and Hooch sit in my lap Thank the good Lord the love of a Boston Terrier, They make my life full and they are my family always there for me and always loving me.


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