Friday, March 14, 2008


Ripken is one of the BTRNC 6-pack. Please check out their story on our home page or click on the 6-pack link for Ripken or the other members on our available dogs page! These beautiful babies have so much to explore and learn! See, they've never known houses, or furniture, or carpet or life indoors.

Ripken's foster Mom recently shared with the group that among the things Ripken did not yet know is something as simple as a nap. Before coming in to rescue, Ripken had only slept in a crate! At the end of a long house cleaning session, "Mom" decided to take a nap. She gathered Ripken and the other 2 resident bostons on the bed. Ripken just stood there, confused as to what to do. She began to pet him and encourage him to lay down. Ripken has not yet caught on to this favorite boston pass time.

We hope that one day very soon Ripken will not only want to nap on a bed, that he will not want to give up the warmth of the covers on that bed.
Ripken's foster Mom also shared that he LOVES to see water. He gets to walk to the lake most days and is fascinated with the ducks. He also gets more confident each day enjoying all the attention and play his Mom can give him. Ripken was already handsome, now he is becoming a happy boy too!

Maybe you are the forever home Ripken is looking for and you can continue showing all the things that can happen in a loving home. While he is waiting, his foster family will continue to prepare Ripken for a long life of love and happiness.


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