Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Eyore entered BTRNC foster care in 2006 at 6 years old. Although six is not quite a senior, it is certainly on the high end of successful adoptions. In foster care, Eyore was a shy cuddle bug who was house trained and laid back. Despite of his age or maybe because of it, a forever family came along who wanted to make Eyore a part of their family. We received an update in October that reminds the volunteers at BTRNC once again why we do what we do and we are always thankful to keep tabs on the dogs that were once a part of a foster family's life and who will always be missed.

Eyore's family lost their cocker spaniel in June and they tell us that Eyore's presence helped the family to cope and that Eyore is happy with the extra attention. Here in part is the update as told my Eyore's forever family:

It will be 2 years in November since I adopted Eyore and he became part of
my family. He is such a joy. Everyone with whom he comes in
contact falls in love with him. Jasmine is almost 4 now and they love each
other. Jasmine calls him her "Big Boy". Jasmine is at the stage
where she loves to race. They will stand at the end of the hall and
Jasmine will say, "get on your mark, set, go" and they will take off racing down
the hall. Eyore wins of course and he just grins real big like he knows he
won. If I clap my hands he will take off running the Boston Terrier 500.
His paws hardly touch the floor as he goes faster and faster around the
room. Eyore loves everybody and is free with those Boston kisses. If
I am sitting down he is beside me with his head on my lap. Even
though he is a big snorer he is the best bed buddy. He loves to go
for rides in the truck. When I pick up my keys he takes off running to the
door and is waiting there with a big grin. He loves to lay in the window
sill and sun. When I get home from work in the afternoons he is peaking
out the window looking for me. He jumps down and runs for the door and I
can hear him yodeling on the other side of the door when I put
my key in. Having Eyore as my baby has been such a blessing and
I am so thankful.

It seems that this 8 year old receives love and returns it times ten. He is a lucky boy!


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