Tuesday, June 03, 2008


BTRNC has had the pleasure of at least 2 of these beautiful coffee lattes pass through. The most recent was Kito who is currently pending his official adoption. The beautiful girl above is Karamel, adopted in late 2007!

Karamel came into rescue terrified of men and therefore recommended for a female forever home. Just such a home was found and Ashley and Karamel were a match.

Her new Mom writes that she is no longer afraid of the outdoors. She now enjoys sun bathing on the deck and exploring her yard. She even flirts from a distance with her Schnauzer neighbor. Mom knows however, that she is a tease and would no longer be charming if given the opportunity to actually meet her crush - tis better to worship from afar.

Karamel spent the 2007 holidays with her new extended family surrounded by love, treats and Santa Paws! What a nice treat for a little girl who was rescued.

She also enjoys the comfort of a real bed with covers, pillows and she even gets to sleep a little longer than her Mom! Lucky girl!

Karamel thinks that her light coloring make her even more beautiful - we think she is right!


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