Sunday, May 18, 2008


Your Mom may have told you not to dip your chip back in the dip after you have bitten that chip but we at BTRNC are happy to have adoptive families come back for a second boston baby! We are thrilled at the number of times our families come back to adopt a sibling for their newest addition.

Brody's Mom came back and adopted Spencer (now named Jack) at the end of 2007. Isn't Jack a handsome man? We are sure that the cross bones on his bandanna are no reflection on his personality!

His new Mom wrote to let us know that he and Brody became instant and fast friends and the three enjoy walks together. Jack particularly enjoys meeting new people on their walks. Jack likes to say hello by doing his best imitation of a pogo stick! This makes it easy to pet him - no bending over required!

At the end of a long day, Brody and Jack get to sleep in a warm bed with soft covers. Jack was rescued and given a second chance at a most wonderful life.
Please check our available dogs and feel free to start with one, but if you find that is not enough, by all means double dip!

Sweet Dreams Jack!


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