Sunday, October 03, 2010


I have heard this phrase a lot recently and I do not know who to credit for coining it first. Usually it is said when discussing the many family members and friends it takes to coordinate raising a child these days. Particularly when there are multiple children who have to be in multiple places.

It takes a big village to coordinate a rescue too. We have volunteers scattered all over NC, SC, VA and a few much further away. Volunteers foster, transport, provide nursing care, hospice care, emotional support and behavior modification to the hundreds of bostons that have passed through BTRNC. Our volunteers have friends and family of their own who often provide assistance in many ways.

Elvis and Priscilla, a VERY bonded pair who are both heart worm positive recently came into rescue. Their foster family had been very insistent that they would only foster ONE boston at a time. That was at least until now. Their most recent foster had gone to their forever family so their doorstep was open. In this case, two came as one and they reluctantly agreed under the rationalization that these two were so bonded, it was like having one large dog.

While they were making their way, very far away, another volunteer knew someone who knew someone... Anyway, there was a large crate involved. The crate had belonged to someone who no longer needed it. She gave it to one of our volunteers who sent it on a transport from state to state. The crate arrived at Elvis and Priscilla's destination just in time to provide this pair a place to stay safe and be together.

Even more important, they began their treatment for heart worms. I've blogged about that subject before. But as a reminder, the shots are painful and expensive and you must keep the dogs still to avoid the development and movement of a fatal clot. What better way to keep these two quiet then by letting them be together in a crate made for two! Funny how things work out.

Pieces of a puzzle of need come together every day in rescue. We would not be here without it. Elvis and Priscilla will soon be heart worm free and ready to take on the world. The final piece in their puzzle is a forever home. Maybe you could also look at it as one big dog and complete their puzzle.


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