Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Blogs are easy to write when the pictures do all the work. Such is the case with Miss Penelope!

One of our volunteers pulled this puppy from Georgia. She had a severe case of mange and required a lot of special care and a lot of special love.

Just look at her scared little face!

Penelope's Mom is no stranger to special love for special needs precious fur babies. She adopted Puggles from BTRNC. Puggles has some issues with his feet and paws but that doesn't slow him down nor did it cause his Mom to skip a beat when she adopted him. Puggles and I discussed this and he said it was o.k. to call it issues, but certainly not a deformity or a handicap. Thank you Puggles.

Now Puggles has a new fur sibling in Miss Penelope. If you did not scroll ahead, then it is now time for everyone to see what tender loving care can do. Introducing Penelope today!

How about that? Some require extra effort but they are oh so worth it. I don't really need to say anything else- the pictures say it all! Cheers to Puggles and Penelope and to their Mom who chose to do something rather than nothing!


At 10:31 PM, Anonymous Teresa said...

She is adorable!!! It is always amazing what love can do !!! God bless her Mom for helping her!!


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