Thursday, July 29, 2010

A woman in Virginia was a dog rescuer and yes, she probably rescued more than she could afford. All the dogs were clean, sheltered, loved, and fed. Then the woman became gravely ill with little warning. She was in the hospital and knew her time was near. She could not let go until she knew her dogs were safe. She didn't want to leave them at all, but that choice apparently was no longer hers. She held on for weeks longer than expected, uncomfortable and weak but she had to make sure that people were ensuring the well being of her dogs. When the space was open, the red tape cut, she learned that all her dogs were safe and she passed 30 minutes later.
We can't see into our futures and do not know our fate. We do what we can to make arrangements for our families, including our pets and that is all we can do.

Precious Callie and Rex lost their Mom and Dad who loved them very much. They are a bonded pair who once shared the bed with their human parents. Because another family member cared, they were saved from being outside and placed in rescue. They are not only close, Rex relies on Callie to guide him. Rex has a scratched eye and cannot always see on one side. Callie watches and makes sure he is going in the right direction and not toward any danger.

It is a huge undertaking to adopt two, and no, they will never have the life they had with their first family. Dogs live in the moment, however, and they have lots of love and time left to give. I'm sure they understand on some level that their Mom and Dad didn't want to leave them and that there is someone else who will love them now.

Their Mom hoped for them a home where they would be spoiled, played with, have toys and love. Whoever may choose to take on this task will be rewarded more than they imagine.

Callie and Rex are on our available dogs page. Please take a look.


At 7:34 PM, Blogger Morgan said...

Reading and re-reading this story brings tears to my eyes. For the love that held the woman here until she was sure that she could let go and travel to the other side .... and the beautiful animals now needing a home. This true life story has touched my heart.


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