Saturday, September 25, 2010


My last rescue was picked up by animal control on the streets at the ripe old age of 8 weeks. He is two years old now and I still ponder daily about his first 8 weeks of life. He was not underweight so somewhere he had a Mother who nursed him. How did he end up on the streets so young, and why is he so afraid of loud noises, frying sounds in the kitchen and of the music the ice cream trucks makes. The car, forget about it. He sits motionless in a bed in the back seat, never moving. He doesn't shake any more when he goes in the car, but he still goes rigid as you lift him toward the open car door. He is more than capable of jumping in a car, but that won't happen. Despite his fears, he LOVES all people and animals, and will throw an absolute fit if we pass someone on a walk if he is not given the opportunity to say hello. He's gorgeous and he's mine so I'll get off of him now.

Jasper's story may have been similar. And talk about gorgeous. He's 15 months old and still hides at noises and had to work through his fear of the leash because that meant the scary outdoors. Most dogs are giddy with excitement at the sight of a leash, but not those who learned too young that the world outside is not always a safe place. He has also found comfort next to the big dog in the house.

Jasper underwent surgery for a luxating patella the first of September and is now recovering. Don't you be afraid of that. Once the patella is fixed, it is fixed. BTRNC has paid for the surgery and took on the fun chore of keeping him still during recovery.

He is learning to trust and to receive pats and love. He may be skittish at first meeting but is learning quickly that he need not be afraid. He is so young and in time we hope that his fears will be all but forgotten and the scars of his youth will be completely healed. The family who is lucky enough to become Jasper's forever people can continue down the path of recovery and he will know that he is home and safe.

Jasper's life has just begun. If you would like to join him in his journey, please let us know.


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