Sunday, June 20, 2010


If you check the website often, you may have noted our adorable Cookie playing the piano. Apparently this was just the beginning of her many abilities. Cookie will follow any command for a treat including commands given to other dogs! She's one smart Cookie! Add to her list, Olympic swimmer. If you or any of your nearby friends or relatives have a pool, you may want to give this little girl a second look. Here she is preparing to make a big splash with her entrance!


When she is finished swimming or more likely when her foster family determines that she is finished swimming, she can exit the pool on her own thank you very much using either the ladder or the stairs! Hey, she's seen people do it, so why can't she!

Cookie is also smart enough to tell when children are afraid of her and this makes her uneasy so she would be best in a home with dog savvy older children. She may even be able to teach her new family some new tricks, or at least a few new piano pieces!

Cookie's foster mother says that over all Cookie is a wonderful sweet, smart and loving dog and her forever family would be lucky indeed! Not to worry either, when day is done, this sweet girl is happy to snuggle and nap. Don't they all look so angelic when they are sleeping?

Hurry and check out this Cookie on our available dogs page before the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street finds her!


At 3:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh! What a precious little heart she is. My heart goes out to Cookie and her wonderful foster parents. She would be a gem and could enrich anyone's life. I have 3 such beautiful pets and all are so loving. I so enjoyed her pictures. Mrs. R. Rouleau, NH


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