Monday, September 13, 2010


I have learned a lot in my short year and a half of life. I remember what is was like to have a family that did not have any time for me and how boring it was there. I tried to fill my time by chewing up things I should have left alone and by eating things that were not good for my tummy.

Then one day, a lady from BTRNC came and took me to her home. It took me awhile to understand that this home would offer me more activities and that I did not have to try to escape. Now that I get to go for walks, I know what is on the other side of the fence and I am not so eager to go exploring on my own. I will admit to an occasional dig just to find out if China is really down there!

I am very afraid of certain things like big dogs and those small dog looking things with sharp feet. I think they are called cats. Whatever they are called, they make me cower in a corner. That may sound silly, but I bet there are some things you are afraid of too. I only weigh 15 pounds after all. I hear a lot of humans are afraid of snakes. Heck, they don't have sharp feet and most of them will leave you alone.

I am house broken (gee, I don't feel broken) but if a big dog or sharp footed monster scares me, I hide in the corner and if they don't go away, sometimes I have to let go of my bladder. I don't like being afraid but I'm working on it.

They say I have a luxating patella. I'll let the Boston Blogger provide some background on that one. ...... Thanks Raleigh. ..... A luxating patella is a condition where the patella can slip in and out of place over the knee cap. It can cause temporary or prolonged pain and therefore a reluctance to use the impacted leg. There are many degrees of this condition - all do not require surgery. Here is a link which much more information about this fairly common condition:

I am ready to be somewhere forever and I know my forever people are out there. Please help me find them.


At 10:38 AM, Anonymous Vicki and Fred in NJ said...

Raleigh, some cats - not all - are mean and scary. Don't write them all off! You may find that some don't even have sharp front claws. There are many families out there with both cats and dogs and they all eventually learn to live together just fine. We think you are the cutest thing ever and have been watching you for a few months. Unfortunately, we have two cats and were broken-hearted to learn that you were afraid of them. We lost our male Boston in May and one of us is still not ready to find room in his heart for someone new. One of us is working on him! Keep working on those behaviors that might be keeping people new to the site from adopting you - we think you are tops!


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