Saturday, August 21, 2010


Yes, I am 10 years old! How old are you by the way? HMPH, that's what I thought. Tried to get life insurance recently? Yes, my family fell on hard times and they did the right thing by sending me to a rescue. I miss them terribly but I am so lucky compared to so many dogs that get left behind in empty houses, posted on Internet lists without any checking, or just dumped on the side of the road. And finally, yes, I have a bad leg. Hey, I didn't know what a car was when I was a young pup and saw a squirrel. At least I got vet care and was fixed up pretty good. And no, my family never gave me a chance to run in the street any more.

So, I get to the rescue, and everyone is really nice and all, but they want to put me in a sanctuary? The way these people talk, it sounds like a really nice place where they make old and sick dogs comfortable to live out their remaining time. Well excuse me, but I have lots of remaining time thank you, and I can play and romp with the best of them. My leg doesn't slow me down. Have you people checked around? Bostons live well into their teens a lot!!! I'm not even a teenager yet.

We hear you Boomer, loud and clear. You have shown us that you may have a little grey on the fur, but your spirit, heart, and will are strong and that you deserve a forever home, not a sanctuary. So, we are posting you on the Male Dogs page, not the Sanctuary, o.k.?

That's better. Please come check me out, read my bio that says even more nice things about me and check out my handsome portraits. I would give you joy and laughter as well as a play buddy for a long time to come. My first family, BTRNC and I would be very thankful!

Is that a squirrel --- oh wait, that's a fence. Guess no street for me here either!


At 2:20 PM, Anonymous Phyllis Neumann said...

Just browsing thru your blog, which I LOVE to read by the way, and saw this post. My adopted baby was almost 9 when we got Him and I would HIGHLY recommend an older Boston. Rocky is a snuggle fest waiting to happen, He likes to play some but isnt too over active. He is getting a bit gray around the eyes, but I think it just makes Him more handsome. Thanks for what you all do for the Bostons!


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