Wednesday, July 07, 2010

So hot that water from a hose steams as it disappears into the cold rock hard ground.
So hot that asphalt pavement blisters your feet.
So hot that water left in a watering can reaches the boiling point if sitting in the direct sun.
So hot that 10 minutes in the direct sun without sunscreen can result in a burn.
So hot that without consistent hydration while outside, you are in danger of heat stroke and death!

So how hot do you think your pets are if they are outside?

Hot enough to cause sunburn in breeds like boston terriers and other short haired breeds.
Hot enough to cause breathing difficulty.
Hot enough to blister their paw pads if forced to walk on wood or asphalt.
Hot enough for heat stroke, dehydration and even death.

Please keep your pets indoors during the hot weather. If they absolutely must be kept outside, ensure a constant supply of fresh cool water and a shade source. Check on them or have someone check on them for you several times during the day. If a dog stops drinking water, it is usually a sign of dehydration and they should be moved to a shady area and sponged down with cool to luke warm water immediately. Vet attention should be sought if a dog is drooling profusely, is lethargic and/or vomiting.

Many boston terriers love kiddie pools. For a fun break from the air conditioning and a chance to experience the great outdoors, consider investing in a pool. Be sure to dump the water after each swim to avoid mosquitoes. Here is Miss Peanut enjoying pool time. No coaxing required - pull the pool out and she is in it.

Sister Mini Pearl joins her and would like the hose which is at the bottom of the pool under the water.

Stay cool and keep your babies cool as well. Anyone want the snow back?


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