Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our volunteers, including our web mistress, foster coordinators and foster Moms are getting much more creative with the stories of our available dogs. Perhaps it is time to periodically change the focus of this blog to general heart warming stories and educational material when possible.
To that end, it is time to give high paws to all the dogs out there who were once rescued by humans and later returned the favor, sometimes again and again.
Many of you have seen the You Tube post of the dog who ran through the woods in the dark, got the attention of the fire company who was trying to find their location and who led them back down the road to the house. Thank goodness the fire fighters were smart enough to follow the dog at the forks in the road.
The August, 2010 Readers Digest has an article about 5 animals who do extraordinary things including Jobe who was rescued off the street by a teenager who begged to fix and keep his new buddy. Jobe needed lots of health care and healing which he received. Later, Jobe was the one who literally dragged his owner out of a recliner by the sweatshirt and who knocked through a closed door to get his parents out of bed to save him from a life threatening allergic reaction.
Remember the stories of the dogs who found lost children before the police and who laid on top of them all night to keep them warm and safe from wild animals.
How many of you saw Old Yeller and were still crying days later? If you haven't ever seen it, get a box of tissues, and rent the movie. I was a 8 or 9 but I think it started me on the path to become a rescuer.
And last but not least, we have our own Rowdy who was in foster care last year. His foster Mom knew she wanted to make it a forever situation from the day they met, but foster Dad wasn't so sure. He insisted Rowdy was on probation until a final decision could be made. Then, the younger member of their family decided to put her "special" blanker over her lamp to create glowing light. When the blanket caught on fire, it was Rowdy who smelled the smoke first and alerted the family, not giving up until Mom and Dad got up to investigate. You can guess the end, only a lamp and blanket were lost and Rowdy's probation vanished in an instant. Rowdy is a permanent member of the family.
So, if you are tempted to adopt a rescue or add another to your family but need a little push to be convinced, consider this: the dog you save today may save you tomorrow. At the very least, your heart will get even bigger with the love and joy your rescue will bring you every day.
The economy has not been kind and there are more dogs than ever that need homes. Rescues like BTRNC and animal shelters are full and over crowded. If you are able, we hope you will visit our Available Dogs page and complete an application.
Paws crossed!


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