Saturday, October 16, 2010


Someone once told me that at the birth of their third child, they were concerned because it was no longer an even match in their house. Two parents, two arms each, two children. Balance was easy to maintain. Sometimes the same can be said for adding the third, fourth, fifth dog and so on. Everyone has their limit or they should anyway. I am most comfortable with two. When I had three, I always felt like one was being left out. Some of our rescue members do fine with 5 or even 7. Organization is the key with this number and routine. One of our more famous foster Mom's coordinates up to 9 temporarily with the precision of a military troop. I bow down to their abilities.

I only have one right now and know that someday number two will make their appearance, particularly since number one is bored a lot of the time. He is forever trying to engage in play with my 18 year old cat. His need to play also results in day care once a week. This evening is the most peaceful of my week.

Moochie, adopted from BTRNC in 2008 and renamed Spike sounds a lot like my Riley. He was non stop energy and hard to manage. He even got thrown out of his first obedience class because he was more interested in playing and disrupting the other students than learning good behaviors. Hearing the stories about Spike and what his new Mom kindly referred to as mischievous pranks, BTRNC encouraged the family to add a playmate.

In 2009, Sweet Pea was brought home from a shelter and the rest is history. Spike and Sweet Pea are inseparable. When they have to be separated, their reunion is marked with joyous tail wagging licking and other physical contact. They play constantly and then when they wear themselves out, both are content to take up the WHOLE couch and cuddle together for the evening.

Every dog is different. Some do better as only dogs either due to dominance or a bad experience with another dog. Then there are others who thrive on the friendship of one or more of their own kind. If you have one in the second category, consider this success and reformation of a formerly mischievous Spike. Hmmm..... maybe I need to take my own advice.

Have a blast Spike and Sweet Pea. We are so glad you found each other and your family!


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