Sunday, January 18, 2009


The Boastful Boston saw Dot for the first time in the parking lot at the 5th anniversary celebration for BTRNC. I remember she had a lot of white on her and that although she looked healthy, she also seemed very uncomfortable in her own skin. Dot was a very new rescue arrival. She had been brought to the anniversary to do a hand off to her first foster home. As the day wore on, I noticed that Dot was still there in her travel crate and that no one had taken her home yet.

Suddenly, there was a great flourish of conversation and attention begin paid to Dot. Her intended foster Mom had just that day handed over a foster baby to their new forever home. As any foster family will tell you, and has been addressed in this blog, it is hard when you first watch the baby you saved leave you for their forever home. I thank the heavens everyday for all the foster families who are able to accomplish this task since without them, we would not be able to do rescue work.

Back to Dot..... her intended foster Mom, having just completed her FIRST successful foster and placement found herself more distraught than she had planned and in need of a little break between fosters. Everyone at BTRNC is in full support of the needs of foster families, but now who was going to take Dot home??? In truth, I almost did. As I stood there looking at this baby who I knew somehow had issues and thinking of my 15 year old sickly senior and my 10 year old dominant fur children at home, I was giving myself visuals of how I was going to make all this work all the time knowing that mine would not be the best place for Dot to begin to heal. At the bell, another foster Mom took Dot and began the journey of making her whole again.

Dot did indeed have issues. She suffered from severe separation anxiety which made her a challenge to crate, a bigger challenge to work with on a daily basis and she required a lot of extra time to work through her issues. Her foster Mom was up to the ask and she tirelessly worked with Dot. Through donations, BTRNC was able to send Dot to an intense educatioin program to help her adjust. As time went on, we continued to see updates about Dot on our available dogs page. Dot did so well in her first round of school, that she was going back for more, Dot had begun to vocalize, Dot was actually learning to play, Dot was eating well without fear or aggression, Dot was becoming a happy dog..... you get the picture! I began to suspect what Dot had probably known all along - the foster Mom who stepped up to take her home was not her foster Mom at all, but her forever Mom! Dot just had to be patient and wait for the humans to figure it out for themselves.

All of us at BTRNC are so happy for Dot and her new family! We are happy to report that once again, everything turned out as it should. Dot is with her family and the first foster Mom who needed a break has fostered again and is currently fostering! Another happy ending!


At 6:14 PM, Anonymous Teresa said...

Such a beautiful and loving girl. I have no doubt that her forever family thinks that they are just as lucky to have Dot as she is to have them. I am so happy for Dot that she got her happy ending because she sure deserved it.


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