Saturday, November 29, 2008


It seems the Boastful Boston has ruffled the fur of our precious Eve. Her foster Mom read her the blog about she and Adam and although she appreciated being acknowledged, she was not entirely pleased. She felt that Adam was given more print space than she and was not at all happy that her pictures were from a time before she had been rescued, loved, fed and granted the life of luxury she deserved!

So, with my deepest apologies to Miss Eve - here are some current pictures of her majesty. Apparently Eve also made her opinions known to our web mistress since you will now find a longer story about her in our sanctuary section and a picture of her in her Christmas finery.

Eve's foster Mom wanted to be sure to let our readers know that this was all Eve's idea - she had no idea how much her oldest household member enjoyed the spotlight!

That is Eve's brother Truman on left - too cute!


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