Monday, November 17, 2008


Not the Biblical version - the North Carolina Boston Terrier Rescue version. We did however, name these two magnificent seniors after the original Adam and Eve.

About a year ago, one of our volunteers came to a shelter to pull another abandoned boston. While she was there, the shelter worker happened to mention that a senior had been dropped off that day. She went to take a look and she saw what she described as the original boston terrier or at least close to it. She named him Adam since he looked old enough to have been around with the original Adam. She took him home to live out his last days in comfort, safety and with love. Well his last days have lasted a year so far and the same volunteer who brought him home will continue to offer him sanctuary care for what we hope will be a long time. We estimate his age between 15 and 17 and although he sleeps a lot, he adds warmth and love to his home. His sleeping habits however are questionable - his foster Mom thinks he may just be "sleeping around." He's a very busy boy moving his bed from place to place and with quite a few fur siblings around, Adam could have his own motives. He moves around so much that Mom would never enter the house or a room without turning a light on - she may trip over Adam. After spending several months in or around the security of his crate, Adam has some precious lost time to get back. Adam, his foster Mom and his fur siblings are a family and Adam will never be lonely or scared in a strange kennel again! Adam is showing signs of slowing down but with this little guy - each day is a blessing.

Meanwhile last Spring, another volunteer was contacted by a boston in her area who had unfortunately lost her dog and had called the local shelter. Although her dog was not there, the shelter told her about another boston who had been picked up as a stray and who was at the shelter. With thanks to the boston owner who contacted our volunteer, she was off to meet Eve who the shelter described as ancient. Here is what she found:

No place for a senior lady to spend her golden years now is it?

It made sense to name her Eve she had been described as ancient to go along with the one who our volunteer labeled the original boston, Adam. Eve sure looks happy to get out of that cage.
What a sweet face!

Eve is also now in sanctuary care living in comfort and with lots of available laps. Her condition upon rescue was pretty good given her age. She had been found as a stray but definitely had a home in her younger years. She was thin and had a respiratory infection. She is a healthy weight now and feeling much better.

BTRNC has created a sanctuary for rescued bostons who for age or health reasons are not likely to be adopted. They will remain in the care of our rescue as they live out their remaining days. Adam, Eve and the others are featured at the bottom of our available dogs page under the Sanctuary heading. If you would like to sponsor Adam, Eve, or any of our babies, there is a link beneath each of their pictures. We thank you.


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What precious bt's! God Bless you all.


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