Monday, December 22, 2008


If you are fortunate enough to be blessed with an animal or two or three, you get the idea, take a moment this holiday season and reflect on how much joy they bring you each day throughout the year. And the extra magic and love they add to this season. The Boastful Boston is spending her first Christmas with Riley! Despite the absence of a tree - why bother putting it up when Riley puppy is just going to take it back down one way or another, he makes me laugh every day and reminds me of the joy of this season.

Remember that tinsel, turkey bones and chocolate are not good for dogs! Make a quiet place available for your fur baby to rest and escape from the commotion. Stress can be harmful for older dogs. Don't let your dog drink the water from the Christmas tree if you have added anything to prolong the life of the tree, be wary of snow globes, they could contain anti-freeze which is highly toxic. Keep poinsettias out of reach of both cats and dogs and most of all - enjoy every minute.
Here are some Christmas shots of our adopted and foster babies:

Mulligan and siblings!

Cindy and family!

Callie, not crazy about the hat!


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