Saturday, October 04, 2008


One of the million wonderful things about dogs is that they do not attach any fear or worry to being sick. They will often accept pain as an annoyance which keeps them from reaching the cookie jar faster. I once read a story about a dog who had been very badly injured by a bear while hiking with his owner. He was rushed to the vet and although he could barely stand, he went immediately to the jar of biscuits on the counter because he always got a biscuit at the vets office! Many of us would benefit from not worrying about being sick as worry and stress often slows down our recovery.
Meet Nigel
handsome young man right? Would it surprise you to learn that when Nigel was pulled from an animal shelter, he was 7 pounds under weight, had worms, was severely anemic, with "cherry eye" in both eyes, and flea infested? He was a mess but was full of joy as he was carried out of the shelter.

A month later and Nigel was at his healthy weight of 27 pounds, no longer anemic, worm free, and scheduled for surgery to be neutered and to have his cherry eye corrected. Nigel didn't waste time worrying about his list of health concerns, there was a foster home to explore, a foster Mom who gave him food, comfort and love, and foster siblings to get to know.

What a difference a few weeks make!

Nigel does have a heart murmur. We invite you to research this condition for more information. Please also talk to a veterinarian who can advise you further.
Nigel is 2 years old and loves to run and play. A fenced yard would be wonderful to allow him the freedom to run. Nigel gets along with other dogs. We don't know about cats. It often depends on the cat and their familiarity with dogs.

Nigel has overcome a rough start to his wonderful life. Please check him out on our available dogs page and let us know if you would like to know more about him. Nigel says that would be O.K. with him!


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