Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Meet Alina - pretty cute ah? She's looking a little surprised at the moment because she just "heard" that her foster Mom thinks that she is special because she is deaf. She didn't hear this in the conventional way - but her foster fur siblings got the point across just the same. Alina knows she is special but she doesn't know what deaf means and she doesn't care as long as she continues to be treated like the princess she is.

Alina is indeed deaf but it doesn't slow her down at all. She is a happy girl who embraces each day with boston enthusiasm and joy. Her foster Mom uses a flashlight to help her understand which direction to come and to understand where she should go. She plays with toys, her siblings and her foster Mom. Alina never wakes up angry, only ready to go. Her foster Mom wakes her gently when necessary so as not to startle her. Alina looks pretty happy doesn't she?

Like so many things we humans consider handicaps, dogs are not emotionally affected by deafness. Their world may be silent but their ability to love and enjoy life is full and endless. There are actually some advantages for us mere mortals who are lucky enough to have a deaf dog in our life. No fear of thunderstorms or other loud noises and no endless barking at outside noises. Many deaf babies learn hand signals and vibrations from impact to the floor around them with little difficulty. Fur babies born deaf have no clue what they are missing and those that loose their hearing through illness or old age adjust with little issue.

Here is little Miss Alina peeking through the grass on a break from romping outside.

Care must be taken to ensure that Alina does not slip out of doors, gates or unsecured places in a fenced in yard. She is lightening fast like most bostons but cannot hear the dangers of the world should she escape.

This beautiful little girl has everything she needs except a forever family to call her own. If you would like more information on Alina, please contact our adoption coordinator or other rescue members through the contact us link on our home page.

Alina sees just fine and she is looking for someone to call her own.


At 4:39 AM, Anonymous Tina, John and kyle and with JJ and Spike said...

Alina you are a real cutie!


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