Saturday, January 03, 2009


I just learned that the original Dolly Madison was the first First Lady to serve in Washington DC. She was the wife of former president James Madison and she became famous in her own right. She was known for her strength and her stand against what she thought was wrong so people have been naming things for her ever since. Pretty cool name to share ah? I am so proud!

I am 4 years old and I have recently arrived in BTRNC rescue and am staying with a wonderful foster family. My foster Mom even let me help with this blog.

Even though I am so proud of my real name, it's a long one so I have several nick names. Dolly is my favorite name but I like cupcake and zinger too. My foster siblings call me dingdong which is still o.k.. I'm just glad to have a home and people to call me something. My foster Mom is specially pleased that I like cats. Heck, cats are just animals too. I am working real hard on house training. I am mostly working on training my family to pick up on my hints that I need to go outside. I think we are all getting the hang of it because we don't have very many accidents these days. We go for a walk, all of us together. My foster Mom and Dad say that the family that walks together gets along together. I like to go for a walk so whatever they say is fine with me.
I have many important things to do each day like chew by bone, play with my new toys and of course nap on my bed.
One more thing, I wanted to let everyone know that I am slowly adjusting to being in my crate when my foster people are not home. I am learning that they will come back and let me out as soon as they can. That's a nice feeling.

I hope that you will check out my bio on the available dogs page. Maybe I am the proud Dolly Madison to make your family complete.
Happy New Year everyone! I have a feeling this is going to be a good year for me. Please remember to paws to tell someone you love them everyday.


At 10:17 PM, Anonymous Maria Turner said...

Dolly Madison is so cute, you must have fun with her? I too have a 3 year old male Boston (Louie) who thinks he s human and is one of the family. We rescued him and are looking to rescue another. They are funny and keep you laughing all the time. Dolly sounds like our Louie. The Turner Family

At 12:12 PM, Blogger emikesell said...

I wish the best for Dolly Madison. She is so beautiful. I have two Bostons and one Boston/Chihuahua mix. I absolutely love my bostons, they are great companions and wonderful family dogs. Good luck, Dolly.
Elizabeth Mikesell

At 12:08 AM, Anonymous ljoyner said...

i have an older boston bull terrier female named panda girl, and she is the same way. they are the most lovable dogs of all breeds and we have had a few different types!panda is my baby. i wouldn't take anything in the world for her. i think we will get a boston puppy before to long, so she will have a brother or sister to keep her company.i wish dolly well for a new family!


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