Sunday, February 04, 2007

Henri and his Pajamas

This is not Henri's first appearance on the Boston Blogger. As avid readers will remember, young Henri was adopted by a BTRNC volunteer in the fall of 2006. Henri was born with a neurological defect that has left him incontinent for the rest of his life. You can read the full story in his original blog.

Raising an incontinent dog is no easy task and it's defintely not for everyone. We aren't going to sugarcoat the fact that this can be a messy, frustrating job. Fortunately, Henri has a clever adoptive mom that devised creative fixes to the problems she encoutered.

The first creative fix is credited to Henri's foster mom, Laura. When Henri's diapers wouldn't stay up, she made a pair of comfortable suspenders. This allowed Henri to run and play in his home without a bothersome drooping diaper!

Changing Henri's diaper on the kitchen counter didn't seem too sanitary even to the most devoted of animal rescuers. A baby changing table was brought into the home to solve this diaper changing problem. Here we have Henri relaxing on his very own table.

And what is Henri wearing, you ask? Why, they are puppy PJs of course! During the day, Henri wears his suspenders to keep his diapers in place but after continuous wear, poor Henri's armpits were becoming raw. That's when Henri's mom found a pair of pajamas that were just Henri's size. His pajamas not only keep him warm but they keep his diaper in place so he doesn't have any accidents during the night.

Ingenious design conceived out of love for a pup with a disability. It doesn't get any better than this proclaims

The Bashful Boston


At 10:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are so womderful! I admire the way you are are coming up with such amazing ways to care for him.

At 10:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now that's love! You are amazing and very clever.


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