Friday, February 02, 2007


Many east coast states were blanketed with snow yesterday! Foster and adoptive parents across the region wrote in to share pictures of their Bostons enjoying the snow in their own unique ways.

In central North Carolina foster dog Pauley went out to investigate the cold, white stuff. His journey didn't last long as he was at the door asking to be let in only moments after this picture was taken.
Pauley we applaud your curiousity!

Tootsie in northern Georgia wasn't too happy about having to go out into the cold to do her business. Her adoptive mom snapped this picture of Tootsie in a private moment.

Here we have Buddy in Greensboro, NC bundled up in his favorite fleece. Although the fleece kept Buddy safe from the elements he was quick to come knocking on the door for his foster mom to let him back in!

Harley in Charlotte, NC passed on the cold, wet stuff and instead curled up in front of the fire for a nap. Smart girl, insists

The Bashful Boston


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