Wednesday, August 23, 2006

...And he is christened "Oliver O'Neal"

Our big boy Ollie has been through a lot in the past two months. He arrived into BTRNC foster care and was quickly adopted into a new family. Days later, the family decided that Ollie and his bad boy ways wasn't in their best interests. Ollie hit the road again to his 2nd foster home with our volunteer, Laurie.

Foster mom Laurie and foster dad Rusty made serious headway teaching Ollie what behavior is expected from a proper canine citizen.

Laurie proudly announced that Ollie will be a permanent member of her family. "I think Rusty and I knew this was going to happen when we first laid eyes on that big 38 lb lug!!! He [Ollie] has made tremendous strides especially where women are concerned and he no longer bites when you touch his front feet. I would love to know his past but he has learned he is safe, loved and unharmed here and his eyes no longer look quite as lonely. He enjoys his afternoon siesta's with me and Miss Harley while Mulligan and Fenway play outdoors. He is somewhat spoiled already, none of my doing of course!"

Ollie joins a home bursting with Boston Love. In addition to his 2 doting parents, Ollie has 3 sisters and brothers to keep him entertained. He joins the ranks of Miss Harley Bandit 7 yrs, Mulligan Callaway 3 yrs, and Fenway 4-Sox 2 yrs.

Dear Ollie, we wish you all the love and happiness our hearts contain as you step into your new life. We applaud your new family who looked deep into your eyes to the tender soul looking for his place in the world.


At 1:44 PM, Blogger Poodlekiss said...

You have a great dog blog thank heavens for people like you who rescue!!


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