Wednesday, December 19, 2012


 Some would argue that dogs don't know it's Christmas or that for those lucky enough to have a loving home, that every day is Christmas.  Maybe both are true but we will never know for sure.  So maybe as dog lovers, we can accept that we like to make the holidays special for our pets as much for us as for them, and I say what is wrong with that?

That's why we at BTRNC do Santa Paws ever year.  Members are assigned or chose fosters and send packages from Santa Paws filled with blankets, treats, sweaters, etc.  Here is Lizzie with her package.

This is also why shelters and rescue groups around the world celebrate even more when a foster or shelter dogs goes home in time for Christmas.  My latest rescue was in a cold loud shelter last Christmas and even though she will never know the difference, I am determined to make this season special for her to make up for it.

Here are a few of our reasons to celebrate this season:

Trooper - look at this picture of sheer joy and be reminded of what we care about and/or are involved in rescue. 

Adara, decked out in her Christmas sweater meets her new family.

Buddy joined previous rescue Daisy in his new forever family.  Special thanks to the big hearts of this and other families that welcome seniors into their home.  This picture was taken after Daisy cautiously approached the new arrival, then provided a kiss on the nose - welcome home Buddy.

Bubbles will make her forever home right where she is with her foster family and Santa paid the adoption fee as the best Christmas present ever.

Thanks to all of our friends, families, members and supporters for a joyous 2012.


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